Coronavirus patients may no longer spread the virus after 11 days of contracting the disease based on the findings of Singapore's National Centre for Infectious Disease and Academy of Medicine.

According to Daily Mail, the research stated that Covid-19 infected patients become contagious around two days before they show symptoms of the disease.

The study shows that after patients show symptoms of the disease, they remain contagious for about seven to ten days. The common symptoms of the disease are new and continuous cough and high body temperature.

Virus transmission may lie dormant after 10 days

Researchers uttered that Covid-19 could not be cultured or isolated after the 11th day of the illness.

Patients that still have positive test results and show symptoms of the disease after two weeks of being infected could be picking up sections of the bug that could no longer infect another person with the virus. The study involved and examined 73 Covid-19 infected patients.

New York Post also reported that the authors of the study noted that based on the accumulated data from the start of the new coronavirus pandemic, the infectious period of the new coronavirus in symptomatic patients may start around two days before the symptoms come out, and remains around seven to ten days after the onset of the disease's symptoms.

In the study, it was reported that after the first week active viral replications decline abruptly, and after the second week of contracting the disease viable virus was not present.

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Patients with virus remnants still tested positive

According to Express UK, Leo Yee Sin, executive director of NICD, stated he is confident that a Covid-19 infected patient could no longer spread the virus after 11 days since they have enough scientific evidence to prove this claim.

Dr. Asok Kurup, chairman of the chapter in the academy, is correspondingly confident of the study's results. He stated that studies regarding the new coronavirus will continue and more data will be taken, but the same things are expected since there is a great deal of science in this and added that there is no need to wait.

Lately, 18 Covid-19 patients with mild symptoms of the disease were discharged after being admitted to a care facility for 38 to 51 days, despite having positive test results of the disease.

As stated by Singapore's Ministry of Health, the patients were shedding dead viral components which were inactive though detectable in testing.

The said patients have to quarantine themselves for seven more days after being discharged.

When questioned regarding the new study, the MOH answered that they will closely study the position statement and gauge how they can include the latest findings into their clinical management plan for Covid-19 patients.

A previous study in Germany was confirmed by the study that correspondingly holds that patients infected with Covid-19 are no longer contagious after eight days of contracting the virus.

Prof Leo said that researchers in Singapore were very conservative and considered till the very last drop that is why it took three more days in Singapore compared to the findings of the study in Germany.

Patients with weakened immune systems are the only exceptions to this case, like cancer patients who receive chemotherapy or immunocompromised patients.

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