Another side effect of the coronavirus might be more threatening in an unexpected way. In a limited study, experts found out that the virus may affect the placenta indirectly, which can lessen the blood supply to the developing fetus.

The study has discovered damage done to the placenta connecting the mother to the fetus. Fifteen pregnant women were involved in the study to validate these alarming findings.

According to a report from Daily Mail, upon examination, the placenta was pocked with lesions and blood clots in the organ; these clots and lesions transport vital nutrients to the fetus invitro.

More investigation into the side effects of these clots and lesions were registered as unoptimized blood flow that leads to a low weight of the newborn, organ damage, and a slight chance of death for the fetus.

The researchers who conducted the study said none of the children was physically sick, but what the finding exposed was disturbing for them.

Unicef raised awareness to keep on watching the progress of COVID-19 mothers now and until the end of their pregnancies.

Link of COVID-19 and miscarriage

Sixteen female subjects were included in the study based in a university in the US.

Of the women who gave birth to healthy babies, fifteen were able to deliver sound and healthy babies, only one out of the sixteen women had a miscarriage, but in the second trimester.

Statistically, the chances of a miscarriage are rated at 6%. When compared to the 1% of miscarriages, that happens in the second trimester of normal pregnancies.

One of the problems with the asymptomatic mothers is whether the virus is responsible for the miscarriage or not, with some other reason yet to be found out.

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Despite the evidence found, it is still not proven beyond reasonable doubt, and these findings are to be taken with a grain of salt.

After the fifteen children were born, none had traces of the coronavirus infection with a healthy prognosis.

Dr Jeffrey Goldstein did not expect damage to the placenta of the mother, but points out the coronavirus will cause damage.

One conclusion that was reached is that the virus will not have any effects, though pregnant women with COVID-19 need to be monitored carefully, as per CNN.

There might be a link to clots and coronavirus that lead to damage to the placenta. Scienceblog recommends checking on such patients might be necessary to update on the child's condition.

Findings from the Great Pandemic of 1918-19 have evidence that those born in that time were prone to heart disease.

How COVID-19 causes blood clotting in placenta

Four cases registered were COVID-19 related miscarriages, and mothers had incidences of placental inflammation, but nothing is conclusive at this point.

An injury called vascular malperfusion will cause impaired blood flow from the mother to the fetus. About 12 were afflicted in the 15 mothers.

Now six of them had blood placenta clotting which is intervillous thrombi. When the immune system goes overdrive, that is caused by the virus that will be the culprit of blood clotting. This is also the cause of stroke and cardiac arrest which kill coronavirus patients.

The study is not proven but gives glimpses of possible conditions that might be caused by the coronavirus, and if proven it will not be of any comfort for anyone.

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