Aside from the coronavirus pandemic, chief of the disarmament department of the United Nations cautioned the public as malicious emails during the outbreak skyrocketed accelerating to an estimated 600%.

As the global health crisis continues to move the world towards online collaboration and technological innovation, Izumi Nakamitsu emphasized during the informal conference of the United Nations Security Council that alarming reports of cyber attacks against major health care organizations and facilities of medical research globally.

The disarmament affairs high ranking official shared that the growing digital dependency propelled the vulnerability to cyberattacks, as an estimated such attack takes place every 39 seconds in every part of the world.

Based on the report of the International Telecommunication Union, she stated that close to 90 nations are still in the early stages of making their cybersecurity commitments.

Nakamitsu emphasized that seeing the threat of misused data and communications technology is very critical.

On the other hand, Nakamitsu shared that there is also a good effect as a group of government experts developed 11 voluntary non-binding norms of responsible state behavior while using the said technology making it global progress for the United Nations.

Juri Ratas, Prime Minister of Estonia established the meeting on Friday as their country holds the Security Council presidency, Ratas pointed out the need for a secure and functioning cyberspace more than ever as he condemns cyberattacks that target medical research facilities, hospital, and medical affiliated infrastructures, specifically during the pandemic.

He also added that the strike is unacceptable as pushes that offenders will hold responsible for their acts.

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Centerpiece of the council presidency of Estonia, the informal council meeting which was broadcasted online did not attend by Russia, however, 14 council nations were present and an estimated 50 other nations participated.

United Nations mission of Russia released a statement on its website sharing that they did not attend the meeting as the United States, United Kingdom, and Estonia violated the established practice that all council members should attend informal meetings regardless of their stand in a certain topic.

The mentioned countries did not attend a sponsored informal meeting ob Crimea by Russia on Thursday as they all oppose the Seizure and annexation of Crimea from Ukraine by Russia.

United States, United Kingdom and Estonia in March accused the military intelligence of Russia by conducting cyberattacks targeting the media and government websites in Georgia, as they call the strike a part of a constant reckless cyberoperations against numerous countries that undeniably contradicts Russia's attempts showing that they are responsible actors in cyberspace.

United States' Deputy Ambassador Cherith Norman Chalet shared on the Friday meeting that they have witnessed malicious cyber activity forming into a designed pattern undermining the United States and its international partners' efforts to guard, assist, and advise the public during this global health crisis.

She also pointed out that that said cyberattacks hampering health care systems specifically hospitals that are currently performing critical services amid the worldwide crisis could be lethal as it can deliver deadly results.

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