In Los Angeles, parties are not allowed because of prohibitions of gathering during lockdowns. People also need to follow strict social distancing rules.

One no-no is large a gathering that disobeys social distancing rules which can transmit the virus further.

In the US alone, there are 1,527,664 cases and 90,978 deaths.

Party till somebody drops

On a Saturday night, there was a wild party in the Hollywood Hills that was reported and for the most part, was ended in the oddest way.

On that night, the police were called to check out an apparent violation of social distancing and staying at home as mandated by the state.

They went to go a house in the Hollywood Hills and along 1410 Miller Drive at 11 p.m., the Los Angeles Police officer who responded was Lt. Mark Chong to check on the complaint.

Lt. Chong and other officers found a party at full swing, held in short-term-rental property which was reserved for the illegal party.

Police were able to count more than 100 people partying till they dropped in the rental property, they were supposed to break it up when a single shot rang.

When they heard it, police called for more backup. Later, they found out someone got injured but not seriously hurt.

A man with a gun in the party shot himself in the groin area, and that made the officers jobs easy in stopping the illegal party.

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For the most part, the man shot himself by accident by ignoring basic gun safety rules. Fortunately, no one else was hurt too.

The injured man was brought to the hospital and the wound inflicted by the gun was not lethal, confirmed Chong on that matter.

Though the man is injured, the will conduct another investigation about what happened.

Despite the effort to curb the possible spread of the COVID-19, there are still those resistant to follow lockdown and social distancing rules. The county of Los Angeles has these orders in place to prevent transmitting COVID-19.

The Los Angeles police are getting more than enough of these complaints to be alarmed.

LA County lockdown

One of the most deaths and cases of the coronavirus is in Los Angeles County in California, with extended orders to stay indoors, a bit longer.

One of the officials is County public health director Dr Barbara Ferrer, who told the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, that the stay-in orders might get extended. Should there be a way to cure the virus, it was mentioned in the Los Angeles Times.

But, Gov. Gavin Newsom's administration will announce changes to the current rules to lessen the impact of the coronavirus, to lessen transmission as well.

Some changes will be allowing certain stores to open shop, there will be restrictions to be strictly followed. Businesses like those which are close contact will not be included in the soft opening.

Just like parties, businesses are part of the easing of lockdowns. But, as a sideshow the man got shot in the groin, in the illegal coronavirus party is only how much lockdowns should be eased slowly.

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