While on a jog in China, a Chinese jogger experienced a collapsed lung as he did the distance, wearing a face mask for safety.

The runner did go distance about 2.5 miles before his lung collapsed on his rounds.

Zhang Ping (not his real name), 26-years old, got sent to the Wuhan Central Hospital last May 7, soon after he hard breathing with severe chest pains after running.

When his lung was examined at the hospital, the patient's left lung had a hole and shriveled by 90%. Doctors diagnosed the reason for the lung burst to be high pressure, which was caused by wearing a mask while jogging.

After going under the scalpel and treatment at the OR, he is now stabilized that was confirmed in social media post.

The patient was under lockdown where he lived, and tried running for two weeks to have better fitness after a two month of staying at home, based on the history obtained by the hospital.

Tracking the cause of the lung collapse, it was learned that he started from three km, and ended up at six km when the accident occurred.

According to Zhang, most joggers wore a mask when exercising for the most part. It was not ideal but he still wore it.

While running for only 2.5 miles, last Thursday he experienced hard breathing with chest pains on a usual run that ended getting treated in the Operating Room.

On that night, he still tried to run but he is unable to do it so he walked home instead. Upon arriving home, the pain got worse and he was rushed to the hospital.

Doctors who examined the runner discovered the left lung has deflated by 90%, collapsing and pushing the heart towards the right inside the chest.

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What You Need to Know About Your Lungs

If air will build up in between the outer part of the lungs and the rib cage, this is what is called Pneumothorax.

One of the reasons that a pneumothorax happens is when air is leaking from the lungs, such conditions are asthma or cystic fibrosis, though it might afflict healthy individuals. Another is that comes from the outside or inside of the body can harm a person.

But it can occur in people who are otherwise completely healthy.

If the air is too much, a lung is squashed by the pressure and makes it collapse.

It does not happen too often and it will not be a fast diagnosis too. All the symptoms will be traced before considering it. Several tests will be needed, with a visit to a specialist in lung problems.

How big or how small will be the judge of treating a pneumothorax, or if it's expanding. Draining is the option to treat it, whether it be a syringe or a tube.

Situations similar to Mr Zhang is potentially dangerous. It would have been fatal if he was brought in much later.

The affliction that beset Zhang was a spontaneous pneumothorax that happens rarely and occasionally.

This is usually caused by blebs that are air-filled sacs that form, when they burst the lungs will collapse as the air is let out. Not everyone is susceptible to the condition as well, but is common in tall, thin men from 20 to 40 years, smoking too.

If the Chinese jogger did not wear a face mask, his lungs would not have collapsed. By covering with a mask, Dr Chen said it will impede the circulation of oxygen, so never wear a mask when exercising.

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