This coronavirus pandemic everything is not normal and case in point are these 12 eccentric COVID-19 products that might interest anyone who are trying to forget about the stresses and pressures of lock down. For one thing, having these items around might be useful or even entertaining for some.

As the saying goes,"Why so serious?" Even if the coronavirus pandemic is driving everything hinge-loose, a little wackiness will do wonders. So why worry? Just go over these items, and get amused.

1. Bidet

 Toilet paper is getting scarce? Here is a bidet attachment to clean the nether, or where it counts.

 Ah, toilet paper can be troublesome especially those scuffles just to get enough. Here is a better substitute that squirts water when anyone is done with their business.

2. Vodka

Add Vodka, but not for drinking, or any kind of inebriation while at home.

It can be made into a hack version for hand sanitizers and a cleaning solution for disinfection, but try to minimize the drinking or it will run out.

3. Vegetable seed

Food might be a problem in future pandemics, how about vegetable seeds for self-sufficiency?

Get some vegetable seed and start planting. All these pandemics might threaten the food supply. Be prepared and take up farming, anyway it can be done.

4. Thermometer guns

Thermometer guns will be used to check the temperature of anyone. These devices are quick ways to check the temperature of a person, and convenient.

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5. Quarantine sticker

Dress up a car with a quarantine sticker, and look the times.

This epidemic has changed people, perhaps this sticker will make a hitchhiker think twice.

6. Protective hats

Get any of these anti-spitting protective hats that is odd, but there is a reason for the madness.

These hats are very function and apt to the purpose they are made for, that is to shield the face from coronaviruses or maybe any wayward spit coming in at 12 o'clock. Full-face coverage may not be glamorous but it keeps anyone safe!

7. Mobile phone sanitizers

The coronavirus is not picky and a mobile phone will need these PhoneSoap UV sanitizers.

COVID-19 virus can be very stealth, especially if mobile can hold a lot of those tiny viruses. Keep the gadget around and never leave home without it, to make sure your mobile is kept clean of these viruses,

8. Creepy face masks

Why settle for simple face coverings? Go over the deep end with creepy face masks.

Okay, not everyone likes a face covering or a mask which is required now. But why settle for just a mask? These reusable masks are funny and are functional. Mak sure tonever leave home without it.

9. Soap flakes

The COVID-19 pandemic has made hand sanitizers a valuable commodity, so it can be hard to find. Why not try foaming soap flakes as an alternative?

10. Coronavirus balls

These balls shaped like the coronavirus are not contagious but make sure to sterilize it.

No one likes the coronavirus, but these fluffy non-infectious coronavirus balls will be a conversation piece anywhere you place it. Cute and round coronavirus balls can even be a wacky accent for any room too.

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