After the coronavirus pandemic, life after lockdown will change for everyone. Among these big changes is our trip to the doctor's office, which will never be the same because of this deadly virus.

It will take a few months before we finally get used to the 'new normal' life after lockdown, but that is how the coronavirus epidemic has changed the word.

Especially now that everything will be reopened, and going to the doctor's office will be one of the most crucial activities in a post-lockdown world.

Those people who were not affected with this highly-communicable and deadly virus are eager to avoid it all cost. Especially without an anti-vaccine, everyone is doing their best to dodge the coronavirus bullet, which is what counts most!

Once lockdown is lifted the world outside is vastly different, especially in your doctor's office. Here are five things to prove it.

1. There will be no sign-in sheets.

Remember this simple explanation, the coronavirus can live for days on surfaces. Anything that is touched by infected people might have virions or viral particles that might stay, these will infect and cause the COVID-19 disease, which makes pens risky in a doctor's office. If there is no paper to sign, maybe mobiles will be used to log in the daily list of patients.

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2. Magazines will no longer be an option when waiting for an appointment.

The coronavirus can live on cardboard and paper for up to 24 hours. Because of this, magazines are hazard that can spread COVID-19 easily. Most patients in a doctor's office have gotten used to the magazine rack to keep anyone busy. One thing is for sure that these magazines will be missed by many.

3. Better bring a drink, communal water cooler won't be there anymore.

Include this to the top 5 list that has magazines, pens, and the water cooler that might harbor the COVID-19 virus. Technically, these are surfaces that should be eliminated in a doctor's office, other places are doorknobs and anything we need to hold, even your own smartphone screen. Better bring a drink just in case because communal water coolers will no longer be there.

4. Kids will miss the toys in the waiting room.

Children are now vulnerable to COVID-10 and they like to play with toys, especially in the doctor's office. While these toys might be entertaining and distracting for the kids, they might also bring harm. Toys can hold the virus on its surface even if they are sterilized, so expect to see lesser toys in the waiting room.

5. No more bare face, as wearing masks will be standard for everywhere.

One item the COVID-19 pandemic has deemed important are masks and facial coverings to keep the virus out, and to keep the infected patients from passing the virus to others. Despite what happens after lockdown, a mask will be the first line of defense.

While the world after lockdown will truly be different, we must err on the side of caution and follow the guidelines to avoid another coronavirus pandemic.

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