China's PR nightmare has gotten worse as shocking evidence from the 'Five Eyes' Western Intelligence Dossier outlines the duplicity that China embarked as they lied about the coronavirus.

It says that the claims of the dossier are nothing short of a cover-up that made the pandemic worse than it should have been.

To be brief, China blatantly covered up the human-to-human transmission of coronavirus, made whistle-blowers disappear and refused to help nations develop a vaccine, which is denied even up to now.

It is a 15-page document drawn up by the Five Eyes security alliance that reveals many bombshells over Beijing secrecy and attempts to cover up all the holes of it staggering duplicity, which extends rewriting the narrative and sowing confusion to deflect the truth.

Over the past months, many whistleblowers and critics were silenced or never seen alive. Next came a purge of non-government approved posts online, all information about the coronavirus was funnelled through state media.

China knowingly allowed the coronavirus to spread and keep other nations from reacting fast enough. Beijing is wiping its hands and blaming others, even suggesting the Wuhan virus is not theirs and deflect it.

Members of the Five Eyes are the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, that is revealing the length the Xi Jinping administration went to lie about it. A memo was procured by the Australian Saturday Telegraph.

Leading the western backlash on mainland China is Donald Trump, and Downing Street who both believe that there are questions to be answered about the origin of Covid-19.

China will get the bullet from a smoking gun, as evidence points to the Wuhan Institute of Virology that cannot be denied anymore and it's hard to redirect to deflect blame.

All the evidence were destroyed from lab samples to the bleaching market stalls by Beijing's orders and everything connected to it is silenced.

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A study in 2015 confirmed that the coronavirus can be transmitted from bat to humans.

Their risky research found in 2015 says that the disease was transmissible from bats to humans.

Early on information about asymptomatic carrier was kept under wraps by the state.

All search engines were scrubbed by state censors starting December about anything related to the virus.

The WHO connived with China but denying important information till late January and important concerns of other countries to protect themselves.

Five Eyes calls China out for anger over travel bans, but Hubei got locked down and they were keen on sending tourists abroad in particular.

Whistleblowers were either killed or silenced because they cannot be found, but the crematoriums still burn people who died from the virus.

One more accusation is "hiding or destruction of evidence of the outbreak and a refusal to hand over live virus samples to other countries to enable them to develop vaccines."

Reports of a partnership between Chinese and Australian labs where research, with research done on an 'a bat-derived coronavirus that could not be cured'.

Another is the cover-up in early December according to the dossier which suspects China of misdeeds.

It took till January 20 for the Chinese to confirm evidence of human-human transmission from early December. Beijing still deflects this claim until now.

Evidence points out that the World Health Organization is complicit from day one, and discredited Taiwan at Beijing's instructions.

Beijing may have deliberately seeded the virus abroad while having a restriction in mainland China that led to thousands of deaths.

Huang Yan Ling, a researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, is missing and there is no trace about his whereabouts. Because of this, it is harder to gather evidence and information about the origin of coronavirus since people who are possibly involved are either dead or missing. 

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