As the coronavirus pandemic rages in the South China Sea, several capable U.S. Warships challenge PLA as the tension escalates with Asian countries.

American warships are steaming to the SCS, confirmed military analysts as the activities of the PLA are building up to standoff between America and China during a time when the U.S. is fighting a pandemic back home.

Once again, the American war machine is called into action as Asia is reeling from the virus and China's audacious activities.

The American ships are the Bunker Hill, a guided-missile cruiser, and USS America an amphibious assault ship that boasts multiple mission profiles that are headlong into the fray to support the Malaysian Navy and to project American power.

One cause of the instability is a Chinese ship that is shadowing a Malaysian drilling civilian expedition. Soon after Australian warships were headlong as well, according to defence experts.

Even with the problems caused by the coronavirus in the mainland, China has persisted in grabbing areas of the SCS, seeking to claim sea lanes by using the PLA as to coerce and intimidate less developed navies.

According to Peter Jennings, the executive director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. He said,"It's a quite deliberate Chinese strategy to try to maximize what they perceive as being a moment of distraction and the reduced capability of the United States to pressure neighbors."

Chinese activities

The PLA (People's Liberation Army), Coast Guard, maritime militias have been harassing regional maritime enforcement agencies and fishermen. In waters that are not legally theirs, they have projected hostile intent, even aiming guns at PH vessel in peacetime.

Earlier, a Chinese patrol ship denied attempting to hurt the occupants of a Vietnamese vessel, even stopping rescuer to get them out of the water.

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Claiming parcels of seas that is not theirs, China made constructs on artificial reefs that are owned by the Philippines and another Asian country. These installations had runways and missile launchers on these artificial islands.

 Alexander Vuving said,"It seems that even as China was fighting a disease outbreak, it was also thinking in terms of its long-term strategic goals" These actions are aggressive without regard for the rule of law.

The State Department reminded China to focus on the outbreak, not snatch territory to expand its unlawful claims in the South China Sea. American military official gave messages that increase activity in the SCS is not acceptable.

Lt. Cmdr. Nicole Schwegman, a spokeswoman for the United States Indo-Pacific Command said the balance of power is important. She added,"The U.S. supports the efforts of our allies and partners to determine their own economic interests."

Beijing is reversing the narrative and saying it is that the U.S. is the problem, but many illegal structures are of Chinese origin. The presence of America and Bunker Hill to support allies is an unwanted development.

To counter Beijing, America has been the de facto global cop and is aiming keep the peace, contrary to the PLA.

So far, the PLA has not been afflicted with coronavirus, while other armed forces have this is suspicions not to say the least.

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