Two weeks before Mother's Day and most of us are still under quarantine. It's tricky to find the best gifts for your mom especially if you cannot go out and get the gift yourself.

Luckily, Amazon offers a lot of choices for you to choose from especially for Moms out there who love to spend time in their kitchen. Here are three of the best gift ideas for your mother's who are kitchen lovers.

 Prepara PP01-HS100 Herb Savor

(Photo : Amazon)
Triple the life of your fresh herbs Our BPA-free containers are designed to prolong the life of your fresh herbs, while being easy to use and fit into any fridge door.

Nothing more makes mother's happy than fresh herbs and vegetables. This Prepara Herb Savor triples the life of fresh herbs and vegetables through storing them in BPA-free containers, plus it can fit into any fridge door!

One more advantage of this herb savor is that its hard shell case protects leaves from getting crushed by other items inside the fridge. Moreover, since it is clear, its easy to see what is inside while still letting the leaves breathe at optimum hydration levels, keeping them crisp and fresh.

In addition, this leaves and herb container is very easy to use and you only need to replace the water every 3 to five days, but it can keep your herbs fresh for 3 weeks.

Whisk Wiper

If your mom loves baking, or making your homemade dalgona coffee but hates cleaning the mess from the whisk, Whisk Wiper is for her. With the help of this device, cleaning a whisk has never been easier and satisfying.

Whisk Wiper cleans your whisk in just a few seconds and aside from that, it also saves the food that sticks on the whip and usually goes to waste. Just place it in your whisk before starting to whip and easily remove it along with any leftovers that stick.

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It is also designed in many sizes available for all you whisks and even for electric mixers. Now you don't need to worry about losing food and cleaning up after yourself.

Rub-a-Way Bar

(Photo : Amazon)
Rubbing the bar removes any odor from your hands

Aside from a clean kitchen, mothers also love a great smelling environment while cooking. Unfortunately, some of the ingredients used in the kitchen leave their scent behind even if you wash your hands many times. With the Amco's Rub-A-Way Bar, mom's will surely enjoy a kitchen free from leftover odor from condiments.

"It's not magic, it's science", Rub-a-Way Bar's effect is due to the fact that molecules in the steel bar bind with the sulfur molecules in one's hands, thus, transferring them along with any leftover smell onto the metal. Aside from onion, garlic and smell of ginger, Rub-a-Way Bar can also remove strong odors from main ingredients like fish and meat.

Mother's day is fast approaching and there is no way to make your mom's happy than to give them something that they love, and for moms who spend most of their time in the kitchen, these things will surely put a smile on their faces. And who knows, maybe she'll cook your favorite food for you, it's always a win-win.

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