Ted Bundy is one of the greatest serial killers. He terrrorized, murdered and, sexually assaulted many women. How and when did Bundy start this path of notorious glee when killing?

Most would agree that his bloody wake began in the 1970s. He was assaulting women and had full carnal knowledge in a rape/killing spree that was thought to be around 36 women. But experts believe that his appetite for killing hundreds of mangled corpses is yet to be discovered.

Death and Ted Bundy. Bloody brothers in arms.

Living Seattle in the mid-70s, he took the lives of many young women. But, his killing ground was also in Oregon where many women disappeared.

One of his victims in 74' was Linda Ann Healy from King County, Washington. Nothing much is known about her death, but the skull was seen in Taylor mountain which means he beheaded her.

In February 1974, Bundy kidnapped Linda Ann Healy from her basement bedroom in King County, Washington. Authorities later found her skull around Taylor Mountain.

On August, Bundy went to Salt Lake City for law school but not too long. Karen Sparks, 18-years old was raped, after forcibly entering here place, using a metal rod that he hit her with. She was comatose for two weeks.

In an Idaho hiking trip, he found the time to rape and kill an unknown woman.

Nancy Wilcox, 16, was kidnapped by him in Holladay, Utah. Her remains were not found by the police, but they knew she suffered the same MO. The bodies were never found but police assumed that the worst was done to these women.

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In Salt Lake City, Melissa Smith, 16-years old in 1974 was dumped at Summit Park after she was raped and strangled to death. Other victims added to his list were Janice Ann Ott and Denise Marie Naslund.

Not satisfied with what he has done, his killing spree became frenetic with Donna Gail Manson, Susan Elaine Rancourt, Roberta Kathleen Parks, Brenda Carol Ball, and Georgann Hawkins, all killed without remorse.

But one of his victims escaped which revealed all this crimes.

While disguised as a police officer, he told 18-year-old Carol DaRonch, to go to his car where he tried to abduct her. However, he failed to rape her.

In August of 75', police arrested him at Salt Lake City and found incriminating evidence, like hairs of his victims. He was pointed out by one of his victims that got away.

He was sentenced in 1976 for the DaRonch kidnapping. He got 15 years for the crimes and was later charged with many brutal murders.

Murder at the Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University.

Bundy added this episode to his serial killer career, where he killed Margaret Bowman, 21. He beat her like a human drum and strangled her with nylons until she gurgled and died.

Lisa Levy, 21, got beaten unconscious when he strangled her and assaulted her sensitive parts with a hair mist bottle. Three women survived the sorority attack, they were Cheryl Thomas, Karen Chandler, and Kathy Kleiner.

His rampage ended and he was convicted on Feb. 10, 1980, he got the death sentence.

Ted Bundy, several years before dying said that all the killing and raping was nothing to him. He did not even express a glint of remorse.

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