The Arizona court of appeals gives lady killer Jodi Arias a life sentence for the cold-blooded murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, who was 30-years-old at that time. The accused was put on trial for his murder in 2008.

 Her initial trial in 2013 ended in a life-term in prison that was given in 2015. According to the investigators, the deceased Travis Alexander was killed by her in cold blood. The investigator found his body inside the shower stall at his Mesa, Arizona residence.

Scene of the crime

Several day days after he had a tryst with Jody Arias, he was found dead in the shower. He sustained a gunshot to his face, with a slit in his neck from one ear to the other, and 30 stab wounds. His acquaintances were trying to reach him when he was not answering back, they decided to call the police.

Officers came upon the grisly scene with Arias as the key suspect in the cruel murder. The suspect was later arrested for the crime and charged.

Trial proceedings

One of the oral arguments that her defense foisted was trial by publicity, wherein there was live coverage of the proceedings in court.

Another major reason for her appeal is alleged misconduct of the prosecutor, who worked against her seeking a fair trial, also the public proceeding erased an impartial jury. In all logic, her defence argued that an impartial jury was detrimental to getting a fair sentence.

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Her relationship with Alexander

Travis Alexander and Jodie Arias met in 2006, during a convention and soon after had intimate relations. Before meeting the victim, she was in a 4-year relationship and lived in, later she broke up with the current partner. They had a steamy relationship after breaking up with her 4-year partner.

They engaged in a long-distance relationship that was prone to arguments. Both were already separated and broke up in June 2007, but had consensual couplings. On June 4, 2008, she was to meet another man but went to see Alexander instead.

When they met, both had personal time and even took revealing pictures of each other. Alexander could not be reached, and he was found dead at home, just as Arias told during trial.

When a call asking for a comment or remark from one of Aria's attorneys Cory Engle, none was received from the defence.

The Jodi Arias trial was publicized to a national audience that was fixated by the sexual and violent nature of the presentation.

Throughout the 18 days of testimony, Arias said she did shot her boyfriend for self-protection because he meant her harm. She had no recall of cutting his face, after shooting her boyfriend.

The verdict

It was a fact that the jury perceived the way Alexander was dispatched by his deranged girlfriend. The death penalty was considered as a final verdict. The jury assigned was torn on a unanimous decision, if the death penalty would be the final verdict.

Despite her pleas of self-defence as an argument, Jodi Arias was still charged with first-degree murder, May 2013.

A new jury was formed in October 2014 to reach a decision but was undecided like the first jury.

A first and second jury not reaching a final verdict on Jodi Arias, imposing the death penalty was scrapped. Instead, life in prison was given on April 2015.

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