In New York, a man is accused of stabbing his father to death and partially eating him at their home on April 15. A law enforcement source told that the victim, named Imad Ahmad, had some of his body parts unaccounted for. Another source stated that after the horrifying murder, Khaled Ahmad, 25, walked into a bagel shop and told two officers about how he killed his father at their Brooklyn home.

After Khaled Ahmad's admission of the crime, police officers performed a wellness check at his home and they discovered the crime scene. The police stated that the found the body of Imad Ahmad, 57, on the flood, mutilated and with multiple stab wounds.

Son dismembers and eats father

The police in the crime scene immediately pronounced Imad Ahmad dead on the spot. The report described the victim's body as dismembered and eviscerated. Some sources told the New York Post that Khaled Ahmad severed his father's arms and some parts of his head and he also disemboweled him. A large and sharp kitchen knife was recovered from the crime scene and is said to be the weapon used to commit the crime.

Khaled Ahmad is said to be unemployed and he had been living in a place at the Brooklyn home, and the law enforcement stated on their report that he has a history of mental illness. Khaled Ahmad was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and murder. Accounts suggest that he may have been sent to a psychiatric hospital before his arraignment.

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Similar Incident

A similar incident happened in India when a man in Chhattisgarh's Raigad murdered his mother because she refused to give him money for his vices. The suspect, Sitaram Oraon, killed his mother in a fit of rage by cracking her skull open and taking her brains out, he then tried to cook it and eat it.

Oraon's mother's brain was removed and fried in a pan. The horrifying incident took place in Botalda village of the Kharsia district of Raigarh. The suspect used to live with his mother and he was addicted to alcohol.

Neighbors say that he often asks his mother to give him money to sustain his alcohol addiction. But Phulo Bai, Oraon's mother, grew tired of her son's addiction and refused to lend him any more money.

Due to his anger, the suspect took a sharp weapon and struck his mother in the head, cracking her skull open. He then debrained her and put her brain in a frying pan. Before he could eat the brains, his sister-in-law, saw him. He then left home and ran.

The woman informed her husband, the suspect's younger brother, about murder and they called the police. The police found the suspect hiding in the locality, wearing blood-stained clothes. The suspect was interrogated and he admitted to his crime.

A formal case is filed against Oraon under various sections of the Indian Penal Code and has stated that he is mentally unstable. According to Oraon's brother, he tried to convince his brother to stop drinking but they would just end up fighting. Fed up with his brother's attitude, he moved out and left his brother with his mother.

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