A call from the North Highlands was received and the guilty man told the operator that he beats his grandfather to death with a baseball bat. He also told the operator that the victim is already dead.

It was a Thursday night when the shocking call was made, and the killer himself made that call. It was odd that the guilty party called as if nothing happened.

The address of the scene of the crime is the 3700 block of Bolivar Avenue. This murder was a not your usual perpetrator, and the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office sent a unit to check out the call hoping that the victim would still be alive.

What the police saw when they arrived in the scene of the crime was the grandfather, who was found unconscious with apparent hits made by the bat, used by the caller as the murder weapon.

The specialist fire personnel were called in an attempt to revive the older victim. Later he was taken to the hospital where he expired, due to the bludgeoning sustained from the bat used to kill him cruelly.

The sheriff's office commented that the deceased is 78-years old. Authorities did not verify if the elder man is indeed his grandfather.

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Suspect of the murder

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office on Friday revealed the suspect of the batting murder at 3700 block of Bolivar Avenue to be Frank Swanson.

The suspect is 34 years old at the time he committed the murder. Swanson was unpredictable. Before the murder happened, he did not seem to have any reason to murder the old man.

Before the events on Thursday night, there was a female caller and she was not identified.

The sheriff's office shed some light in the murder at the Bolivar home and the event that preceded Frank Swanson losing, and ending in murder.

 According to the reports of the sheriff's office, the deputies were summoned to check on the three calls received from the ill-fated house. These calls were sent a day before and on the next morning when the killing happened.

For every call made to the sheriff's office, it was punctuated by Swanson's unruly behavior, that was a disturbance caused by him each time. No crime was committed yet.

Records from the Sheriff's department showed that prior to the unforeseen murder of the older man, mental health or psychiatric unit was sent, and they evaluated the mental condition of the accused murderer.

Results of the evaluation of Swanson was not indicative of a 5150. Since he checked out well, they let him stay at the residence.

A call was issued from the Bolivar homestead at 5 am wherein a female caller said Swanson was hitting doors hard.

Another call at 7.45 am was another report about Swanson getting rowdy.

The last call on Thursday was made by the alleged killer. He was arrested on the premise without any commotion.

Later, he was tagged as the man who beats his grandfather to death with a baseball bat.

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