According to the World Health Organization, the U.S. is now marching onto becoming one of the newest centers of the coronavirus, as the warning comes because of current cases and deaths.

The current situation in Italy is an alarming reminder of what can happen. It serves as a lesson for the U.S. to avoid the outbreak from getting worse.

Data of the current contagion has the COVID-19 making its mark with 42,000 people in the US, who are positively infected, thus forcing the American governors in many states to ask their constituents to stay at home. This measure of social distancing to avoid not needed exposure, will lessen the numbers of a possible uptick in the current cases.

In 24 hours, there is now an additional 85 per cent of new contagion cases that have originated from the US and Europe, added WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris. About 40% of these cases are American patients, who are experiencing the results of exposure to COVID-19.

When asked if the United States can become the newest epicentre, she said that there is an unprecedented ramping up of cases in the U.S. But, it might not be the situation, though it is also possible that it can become one too.

Margaret Harris added,"They (the United States) have a very large outbreak and an outbreak that is increasing in intensity."

She mentions as well that how Americans are helping each other in this time of crisis is very crucial. With the warning of WHO that U.S. might be another coronavirus center, everyone should take action.

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She also said that the global outbreak has sped up and with increased numbers in the cases and deaths of 334,981 cases and 14,652 deaths currently reported by WHO. Despite measures to contain and delay the virus, the cases are still expected to rocket up.

Compared with other tallies, the WHO dashboard is a bit slow and did not reflect up to date information. Last Monday has sharp uptick and more recorded infections were coming in faster since the pandemic began in December. In only one day, there was a steep addition of 40,000 cases!

It comes with expectation and no exaggeration that more record-breaking numbers will be forthcoming unless lockdowns and social-distancing will take effect sooner when implemented.

Margaret Harris remarked that Italy as tipping, in the last two days there were less new cases and dead victims, but that is left to see where it will go.

She again struck a point with mentioning cases in countries that have less than apt health systems, with high HIV prevalence, and are highly vulnerable to massive breakouts too.

Even South African has its share of 554 coronavirus case on Tuesday, before a planned country-wide lockdown for 21-days.

As the speed and rise of American cases spike, WHO does warn the U.S. so it can avoid being a center of the coronavirus.

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