Three deceased family members were discovered by authorities after they responded to a "wordless" 911 call. Connecticut police spotted the dead bodies of a man and two children in an empty garage of a Norwalk home.

 New York Daily News reports that the two young children are Gisselle Moncada, 5, and Jesus Moncada, 4 while the man, who is believed to be their father, is Yimi Moncada.

Reports indicate that somebody dialled 911 at around 7:35 Monday morning and hung up without saying a word.

Despite not hearing any report from the other end of the line, the Police traced the call and came to the residence on Elizabeth Street. Upon arrival, the police searched the home including a detached garage where the dead bodies were found.

Local newspaper The Hour reports that the bodies went under medical examination to determine their cause of death. It is said that Moncada died by suicide while the children both died due to “ligature compression of the neck/homicide.”

The motive behind the murder-suicide incident is not yet determined.

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A sister-in-law of Moncada who lives near the location of where the dead family was seen said that she heard a woman screaming after she found the bodies in a family owned dilapidated home. No one is residing in the said home which is already subject for demolition. It is not yet known where there appears to be a disparity of the reports from the sister-in-law and that of what the police discovered.

More than just a custody agreement violation

It was found out that Moncado and the children's mother has divorced in 2017. The kids were spending time with their father since it is his scheduled visitation. A concerned relative called the police when Moncada did not return the children that day after the visitation which is a violation of a custody agreement. The kids were supposed to go home at 8:00 PM Sunday. Moncada's mother said that she still saw the children at 7:40 PM.

Authorities has been calling Moncada's friends and ex-wife but their calls were not returned.

“Officers placed telephone calls to Yimi, whose phone went directly to voicemail,” police said. “At that time there was no additional information to believe the children were in harm, nor were any other locations given for officers to check.”

The authorities also added the names of Moncada and the two children in their national data base in an effort to find them. Little did they know that Moncada did not just violate the custody agreement but even killed his children.

A traumatic incident

Giselle Moncada-Valdavinos is a kindergarten pupil in Rowayton Elementary School. Norwalk Public Schools posted a statement on thier Facebook page calling everyone to pray for the children who are victims of the “senseless act.”

“In the coming days, Rowayton will find a way to come together virtually and celebrate these beautiful children,” the statement said. “In time, when activities have started returning to normal, the school will have the opportunity to come together in person and remember Giselle.

Lt. Thomas Mattera, the head of the Detective Bureau said that what happened "was a very traumatic incident" and they are doing everything they can to help the family.

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