Compared to Gen X'ers, seniors and millennials are not as neurotic getting the coronavirus. Despite the drive for social distancing, these young people are in flagrante going to bars and restaurants, even with the threat of contracting the coronavirus. Many Gen X are not happy that their baby boomer parents, and relatives are not too concerned over the current pandemic. In Harris poll, published on March 2013, 77% over 65-years old, with 67% of millennials are sure they will not get the COVID-19 virus.

But, Gen X are the ones taking the COVID-19 as significant. Gen X are those born from 1965 to 1980 according to the Pew Research Center, one term for them is the 'sandwich generation" and many have kids and older parents to boot. This weekend, the hashtag "Gen X" was popular, also "latchkey generation" who are not having qualms with living in isolation.

Psychologist thinks that some truth in choosing isolation is valid from a certain perspective.

According to Paul Gionfriddo, president and CEO of the nonprofit Mental Health America told CNBC Make it, "Every generation will react differently [to COVID-19] based on the experiences that generation has had,".

Compared to the millennials, Gen X is more adept and has experienced many changes over the years, in 9/11 and the 2008 stock market crash that defined what Gen X is. Millennial have yet to experience similar events in their lives, that will change everything forever.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, Gen X-ers are in the front line in households, taking care of kids, and also the senior parents. In a sense, Gen X was made to absorb these stressful times as well, from their upbringing too.

This sandwich generation is all about concern for parents and rearing children, and the working generation that is focused on paying bills and other major concerns. Gionfriddo added that Gen X has no option but to be vigilant over COVID-19, nothing else matters to them.

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He mentioned that baby boomer and older are more experienced overall, but most are more focused on the plight of children or grandchildren, rather than their own well-being. In short, the tumult of the COVID-19 era is not a real concern for them, but for what happens to others.

It cannot be stressed less that anyone over 65 is 'fair game' for the COVID-19 virus. David Nace, chief medical officer of UPMC Senior Communities, told CNBC Make It, that these seniors can take care of themselves. Most seniors find considered old and at risk are not pleased with it.

The younger set of the millennials and Gen Z are distinct in their reasons, that is considered nonchalant as if they did not care.

 According to Gionfriddo, these younger generations usually 'stare down' problems, that is a survival mechanism to cope with the adverse conditions they face. Even in a pandemic, these youngsters will have a good time, even if told to isolate to stop spreading COVID-19.

Younger ones are not as fearful and choose to stare death down, related Gionfriddo of the younger generations. Studies suggest despite this attitude of millennials, they are actually more worried and less stable too.

During the coronavirus pandemic, it is the Gen X or "sandwich generation" that is holding the fort, until the COVID-19 finally lets up.

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