A British banker slaughtered two prostitutes in Hong Kong opted to help fellow killers to win their freedom.

Cocaine addict Rurik Jutting, 34, is providing legal advice in a bid to support inmates in an infamous jail.

The banker initially admitted torturing and killing two women in Hong Kong and appealed against his double murder conviction in 2017.

Jutting was jailed in 2016 after a jury rejected his claim of diminished responsibility.

In the fall of 2014, Jutting reportedly tortured and murdered two Indonesian women in his luxury high-rise apartment in Hong Kong. Found guilty for murder, the Cambridge graduate was ordered to be jailed for life for slaying his victims in warped sex-driven fantasies.

According to an insider at maximum security Stanley Prison in Hong Kong, "Life as a Westerner in prison here can be very difficult - especially when you've murdered two women."

"The only way for him to stay safe is to try to stay as low-profile as possible and do everything he can to keep violent suspects on side."

His second victim's family -- Indonesian Seneng Mujiasih, 26 -- blasted him for ­piling on fresh agony. They reportedly preferred him to be executed.

Jutting was stoic when the jury delivered its unanimous verdict in Hong Kong's High Court back in 2016. He had pleaded not guilty to murdering the two Indonesians, 23-year-old Sumarti Ningsih and 28-year-old Seneng Mujiasih, but guilty to manslaughter based on diminished responsibility.

He worked in the corporate world at Bank of America investment giant Merrill Lynch.

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Jutting, of Cobham, Surrey, tortured his first victim for 72 hours. Her throat was slit and her body was hidden in a suitcase.

His defense attempted to bolster the claim that he acted on the grounds of diminished responsibility by pointing to various disorders that supposedly impacted Jutting's capacity to act rationally: sexual-sadism disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and cocaine-and-alcohol-abuse disorders.

In 2016, the jury's foreman, Justice Michael Stuart-Moore, read his verdict, "You get prison for life. That is all. You can go now, thank you."

Jutting used to earn £270,000 a year developing complex tax products.

Lifer Tsang Man-wai recruited Jutting in prison after being told that he was unlikely to get legal aid.

The suspect has been ­battling to serve his sentence back in the U.K.

Seneng's family said according to a source, "It looks as if it is a ploy to get out of Hong Kong and back to Britain where he was born but he should be made to suffer like he made Seneng and Sumarti suffer."

Jutting, who has an IQ of 137 putting him in the top 2 percent of people, said he combatted four disorders which affected his mentality but psychiatric tests showed he was fit to stand trial.

His statement read with regard to the verdict, "As has been commented on throughout the hearings, my actions in the deaths of Sumarti Ningsih and Seneng Mujiasih in the days preceding the deaths was horrific, even by the standards of homicide trials," Jutting wrote. "The nine jurors were attentive and thoughtful. They have delivered a verdict to which I cannot have any objection."

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