In response to the contagion caused by the coronavirus, China has released a coronavirus app that advised how susceptible anyone is to be infected or whether the person in closest proximity is a possible carrier or "super-spreader." This app was developed by the China Electronics Technology Group, using data from Xinhua state news.

Users access the app by signing up and using the QR code on smartphones via WeChat, Alipay, or QQ to start using it. Just register with the mobile number, name and ID number then everything is good to go. With the app, checking on other people (three is the limit), just enter ID numbers. The app will inform whether the users have contact with a coronavirus-positive individual. Hence, anyone in contact with a person with nCov symptoms should confine themselves. It is even more important to contact local authorities if an infection is suspected.

By definition, close contact covers everyone near you during daily activities. This also applies to passengers on a place, even if they are three rows away from a carrier.

In part, the Chinese government's big brother outlook with constant surveillance is part of the reason why the app is easily applicable for mass use. State coverage includes a camera network in China, facial recognition, and use of AI algorithms with other components yet to be known. The cost of this system is privacy but with the coronavirus, it somewhat beneficial for now.

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Deployment of mass surveillance before the coronavirus outbreak and the release of the coronavirus app in China is quite different outside the Chinese mainland.

In another news, China is now in need of an information system to combat the rise of more deadly causes of coronavirus infection. The incidence of super-spreaders of the disease is now serious as the death toll rises in mainland China.

Other incidences that need attention is the shortage of testing kits and the ensuing problems to stop the rising infection rate. However, with the help of the coronavirus app , citizens may get an immediate result without approaching dedicated centers. This stopgap will curb the lack of information since the clampdown of social media in China.

Aside from this app and all the data it has from state news group "Xinhua," it is made to take advantage of smartphones power to inform. Fear of infection and how to act decisively with the right information from state-approved sources should stave off any panic or hysteria further.

At this point, the mounting deaths from the contagion will have the assistance of this coronavirus app. These measures were endorsed by the authorities in light of the infection rate of the coronavirus, for the welfare and safety of those not yet infected. The app can help in the identification of negative and positive infection in individuals who have been in contact with "positive patient" and close monitoring of the Chinese populace via this app online.

The release of the coronavirus app, that is in part supported by a watchdog attitude in China, is not seen as negative. For now, it addresses the fear of infection and a means to do something about it on the verge of a shortage of testing kits, and media blockage.

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