"The Wild, Wild West" star Robert Conrad drew his last breath due to heart failure at 84 years old in Malibu California, Saturday, February 8.

According to Jeff Ballard, Conrad's family spokesperson the popular 1960 television show actor died of heart failure and a small funeral service will be held on March 1, which was supposedly his 85th birthday

Ballard also added that despite the sadness that his family feels for his passing they are thankful for the wonderful long life that he lived and that he will forever be in their hearts.

Aside from the famed show "The Wild, Wild West", Conrad also played the lead in "Hawaiian Eye," which through his strong look and good physique made him an overnight hit during the show's debut in 1959.

In "Hawaiian Eye," Conrad took the role of Tom Lopaka a private investigator operating in a fancy office in a Waikiki hotel. While Anthony Eisley played his partner Tracy Steele and helped him through investigations in the island. The show lasted for five seasons before Conrad went to do his famous show, "The Wild, Wild West."

In the show, he played James T. West, an agent who used futuristic gadgets and innovative tactics to defeat the antagonists with the assistance of Artemus Gordon, played by Ross Martin, a master of disguise and deception. The Bond-like show premiered in 1965 and aired until 1970. Although, despite the big hit the show became, Conrad admitted in 1994 in an interview with Larry King that he did not enjoy doing the show because of the long hours and brutal stunts.

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After his success in the series, he also starred in the 1976 show "Baa Baa Black Sheep," a show that was roughly based in Gregory "Pappy" Boyington's autobiography. Boyington which Conrad played, was known for being a Marine Corps Ace and as a recipient of a Military Medal of Honor. However, although the series was enjoyed by the male audience, it did not come out as a hit to women like his previous show. The show, however, was still revived for another season after CBS's new shows failed to find viewers.

Aside from doing great television, Conrad also starred in a number of films. In 1966 he played Pretty Boy Floyd in "Young Dillinger." He was also in other films like "Murph the Surf," "The Lady in Red," "Wrong Is Right," and "The Bandits" in which he was also the director.

Born as Konrad Robert Falkowski on the first of March 1935 in Chicago, he left his parent's house at 15 years old and lived in a place only known to his great-grandmother who fed him at times. Conrad was also a football player during his school years.

Before starring in TV shows, his first job was loading trucks and he also drove milk wagons when he was 18 years old. Conrad also tried boxing and singing before he entered Hollywood where he worked first as a stuntman.

Conrad has contributed a lot to the television industry and his passing is mourned by many who have watched him and worked with him.

Conrad's family also wishes that instead of flowers, donations can be given to The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project. At 84, Conrad left behind 18 grandchildren from his 8 children.

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