More than a month after the death of Nick Gordon, former boyfriend of Whitney Houston's late daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Gordon's cause of death was finally determined through autopsy results.

According to the medical examiners office of Florida's 5 &24 Districts, heroin toxicity and overdose is the reason Gordon's death on New Years Eve at Seminole County. Although the autopsy was performed the day after the death, they have only released the results February 6.

Nick died three years after he was found liable of Whitney's daughter and his ex-girlfriend Kristina's death in a civil case. Amongst the substances that were found in Gordon's system according to toxicology results were caffeine, morphine and naloxone, a drug used to reverse opioid overdoses.

At 12 years old, Nick was taken in by Whitney Houston and was raised together with the late singer's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.

After Houston's death in 2012, Nick and Kristina became involved romantically which caused tensions in their families. The tension over the two's relationship became part of the reality show "The Houstons: On Our Own" which was unfortunately short lived.

When Kristina was found unresponsive in a bathtub in 2015, their relationship shoot back up into the spotlight. However, six months after being in a coma, Kristina died.

An autopsy on Kristina declared that she died of drug intoxication, pneumonia and brain damage which is due to her prolonged immersion in water. Nick, however, denied allegations of his involvement in Kristina's death and was not charged with a crime relating to her death.

While Kristina was in the hospital, Nick appeared on Dr. Phil and talked about his struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, as well as his issues with his mental health. Soon after he went to be rehabilitated.

After Kristina died, Nick had another appearance on Dr. Phil and told the doctor that he and Kristina started using drugs after Whitney's death in 2012 caused by drug intoxication and heart condition. He added that it was the only way they knew how to deal with it during that time.

He also opened up about his recovery on the show saying that he was thankful to have been given the opportunity to get rehabilitated. He admitted that he was drinking too much at that time and was unable to deal correctly with what was happening with Kristina. He claimed that it was the lowest point of his life.

Although no criminal charges were filed against him during Kristna's death, Nick was found legally responsible for her demise in a civil case filed in 2016. He failed to show up in two hearings which made sure Kristina's family won by default.

An Atlanta attorney, Randy Kessler who represented Gordon in the Civil case expressed his sadness in Nick's death saying it was a tragic way to end his troubled life. Moreover, Joe Habachy, Gordon's lawyer said last month that despite Gordon's admission of intoxication previously he was trying to stay away from drugs as possible.