Building security should be the topmost concern of the businesses regardless of their size. Irrespective of the size and nature of your business, you would want to make your business premises more secure. If you are the business owner, it should be one of your top priorities to keep your office building and its employees safe. You can achieve the maximum security for your business facility by integrating access control system to your security measures. Access control system not only enhances the security of your building but also enables you to manage the flow of people through the premises. 

Here is a rundown of some ways how access control system can actually improve the security of your office.

Activity Monitoring and Reporting:

An access control system will keep a record of each person who enters or leaves through the entry point of your building. This log could prove to be valuable in resolving the cases if a criminal and unauthorized person were to trespass your premises. This system can also monitor the card clocks to resolve any timekeeping issues. Moreover, it can also help generate reports to determine employee tardiness and other problems that decrease productivity. No one can easily access your building without having correct credentials. The system enables you to keep up with the access activity all the time. 

Allows Remote Access Control:

With an access control system, you can also allow entry remotely. Therefore, you can keep an eye on your business without having to be physically inside the building. There are could-based access control systems that allow you to view and make changes to the system with an internet connection. You can easily make changes in the access levels, add or remove credentials, temporarily unlock the doors for trusted employees, and print security reports. 

Ease of Integration and Integration:

Installing an electronic access control system is a seamless process. The system uses your employee demographics and credentials to help you assign access to certain areas of the building. You can also enter data manually in the system for customized authorized access. Your employees can easily obtain access using authorized credentials for access control, identification, attendance tracking and more. An access control system also comes with integration capabilities. The system allows turnstiles to work in conjunction with security cameras, doors, and other security equipment. Turnstiles can be integrated with this system to allow or disallow the passage of a person. 


Installation of an access control system can be a bit costly in the beginning. However, it helps lower the operational costs through its capabilities and advantages, making it a cost-effective security management solution. For instance, key-less entry is a cost-saving measure as you don't have to change the locks of the whole building when a key is lost. Also, the system makes all the employee information available electronically, which also saves your time and cost. Another cost-saving benefit of electronic access control system is allowing remote access control of your business. This system can also be integrated with the general management system of your office, allowing you to turn the lights on and off, control temperature, and more. 

Advanced Security:

When you are having a business running in the building, threats are endless, and you never know who can be unsafe for your assets, data, and even employees. You need to have a controlled security system in place to avoid unauthorized entries. This way, you can ensure the safety of your business and workers. Safe and well-protected employees feel satisfied and productive in the workplace. Access control system prevents criminals to pass through various access points. You can easily eliminate the possibility of entry from various access points such as primary entry gate, parking garages, tech rooms, cash office, networks and stations, etc. 

Moreover, the access control system enables you to allow only a few trusted and trained employees access sensitive areas of the building. For instance, you can approve and restrict the access of a person to a supply room. Thus, your property should be highly protected if you want your business to grow and thrive. An access control system is the all in one solution to meet all your security needs.