Believe it or not, customers are always anxious. And it does not matter how long they have been loyal to your brand or business - they always require updates, especially if they have a bulk order from you. From pricing to inventory to shipping, they just want to know everything in between. Unfortunately, not every online entrepreneur out there understands the importance of this narrative. And when it comes to customer service, they tend to neglect the significance that a live chat brings to the table.

Even recent studies still suggest this negligence. For instance, there is a study explaining that customer service requests on social media channels could take at least 10 hours to be responded. And mind you, this is not the worst thing right now - email responses could take between 12 and 15 hours. This only goes to show how many of today's online business owners often neglect the importance of customer service.

What you might have forgotten is the fact that this delay can lose you a deluge of customers. So, how are you going to resolve this issue? Well, it is actually easy - implement a live chat service for your business. You will then see how magnificent this decision is. If you are unconvinced by its prowess, then you have come to the right place. Here are some benefits you and your business can obtain from implementing a live chat service.

#1. Boost Sales and Conversions 

Yes, that is right. By implement a live chat on your site, you will be able to significantly boost sales and conversions. In a study conducted by the American Marketing Association, it was found out that B2B companies that implemented this service managed to experience a growth of 20% increase in their conversions.

Put yourself in a situation where you are the customer. As you browse the website, it is possible that you have questions about the product or service being offered. Perhaps you do not have the time to scour through the site and just want immediate answers. If the website has a live chat, your inquiries can easily be answered immediately. What is more, the site is able to take care of you while you are still online. 

This is what makes live chat a powerful tool. 

By essence, it gives you the ability to hold potential customers and even help them with their issues. As such, you are able to somehow influence their buying decision real-time! Think of live chat as your customers' go-to sales assistant, who is there available and ready to answer their questions. 

What is more, live chat brings a very significant impact on your customers. There is a good percentage that they will process a purchase right after chatting with you online. So, in a sense, you are able to make a sale on time - just when the customer is still surfing your website. 

#2. Reduce Overall Support Costs

By now you already know how expensive customer support can be. In a more traditional atmosphere, a company might require a caller center which will handle customer service - be it via email or phone. Of course, this would mean spending a good amount of money in order for the service to be activated. 

But if you have a live chat service implemented, the overall customer support landscape is changed. For starters, you will have the ability to engage in tons of simultaneous chats and it does not matter how heavy the issue is. As long as you are able to handle several customer chats, you will be able to handle customer service requests a lot better. And yes, this also means significantly cutting your support costs. 

Think of live chat as your site's IT service desk, which can boost the productivity of your team's IT performance. And if you are still doubtful, keep in mind that live chat is more affordable than phone handling services out there. 

#3. Build Trust With Your Customers

Now, put yourself in a situation where you are walking towards a physical store. Then, you are in a scenario where the retailer has the opportunity to engage in communication with you. Instantly, he/she manages to build a rapport. Even more so, he/she is able to accommodate you throughout the entire sales process. Not only are you able to establish trust with the retailer, but you are also likely to purchase. In an online landscape, however, this is a totally different scenario - you just cannot expect someone to do that for your customers.

You see, consumers are expected to be doubtful, especially since they are doing business with people they do not know. But as long as you have a live chat service, you will be able to introduce a direct conversation with your customers. As a result, you are capable of building trust and even closing the gap between you and the customer. 

Keep in mind that in the world of business, trust is a very important element. Without it, you are likely to fail. If your customers do not trust you, they will not hesitate in leaving. In addition, they will not trust you with their personal details and contact information, let alone purchase your product or service. 

#4. Acquiring Competitive Advantage

You can obtain a great opportunity the moment you decide to offer live chat to your customers. This opportunity, in particular, is all about acquiring competitive advantage over your competitors. A study conducted by the Telus International confirmed that a good number of businesses across the world are not realizing the advantage of using a live chat service. And thousands of websites across the Internet realm barely decide to implement their service.

By having a live chat implemented, you are able to distance yourself from your competitors. You are able to differentiate your business with those of your rivals. And the consumer will likely do business with you, especially since they know that they can communicate with you more easily. Furthermore, they know that your business is legit since they can trust you!