South Korean researchers are gathered to create a blueprint for developing world-class supercomputers with our technology over the next five years.

"The ultra-high performance computer technology is a key factor that determines the success or failure of the fourth industrial revolution," said KISTI Director of Computational Science and Engineering Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) on the 26th. "With the securing of supercomputer technology and the next generation of quantum computing We will also develop basic and original technology for Korea. "

The Ministry of Science and Technology will hold a public hearing on the '2nd National High-Performance Computing Fundamental Plan' at the The K Hotel in Seoul on the 27th. The basic plan is to boost supercomputer technology from next year to 2022 and utilize supercomputers to develop key technologies for the fourth industrial revolution such as big data and artificial intelligence (AI). The government plans to collect the opinions from the public hearings and finalize the final draft by early next year.

Cho said, "The goal is to develop a supercomputer for petaflop (PF · 1 petaflop can process 1000 times per second) supercomputer with its own technology from next year and become a leading country in this field."