Latest NBA reports claimed that the Phoenix Suns would not want to give up Josh Jackson in a trade which will involve Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Eric Bledsoe of the Miami Heat. Because of this, the potential trade encountered a serious hamper and the possibility of Irving having left the Cavs.

The search for the best possible trade partner goes on after Kyrie Irving asked the Cleveland Cavaliers to trade him. Starting from there, countless scenarios were presented as well as the possible teams which might deal with the said trade. Of all these possible trade partners, it was reported that the Cavs was looking forward to dealing with the Suns which will be a combination of the current and future talent.

It was then noted by Basketball Insiders that the proposed deal will involve Kyrie Irving going to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for point guard Eric Bledsoe, rookie forward Josh Jackson plus a 2018 first-round selection of the Phoenix. But one problem was that the Suns would not want to give in to the said deal.

Reports claimed that the reason the Suns was not willing to agree to the deal was that of Josh Jackson who was also the fourth overall selection in the NBA draft last June. Apart from the Suns' unwillingness, it was claimed too that Phoenix was not on the list of the teams that Kyrie Irving wanted to be dealt with. If Irving will be heading to the Suns, he will just end up fulfilling a two-year rental for the franchise as he can become a free agent come 2019.

Meanwhile, Bledsoe is said to be one of the players that Lebron James wants to join the Cleveland Cavaliers perhaps due to the reason that they share the same agent, Rich Paul. It was reported that Lebron James was spotted with Bledsoe and new Cavaliers guard Derrick Rose working out together in Las Vegas.

Apart from Jackson, one player that has been rumored as a possible part of the said trade was Devin Booker but again, the Suns would not want to give him up too. With this, it looks like Kyrie Irving will remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers as it is harder to come to some sort of agreement.