Latest NBA scoop just revealed that the Indiana Pacers tried to offer Paul George to Golden State Warriors for Klay Thompson. However, it was revealed that the Warriors said no to the possible deal until he was traded to Oklahoma City last June 30.

Before Paul George was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder just the previous month, it was revealed that the Indiana Pacers discussed with the Golden State Warriors about the possibility of trading him in exchange for Klay Thompson. But the Warriors could not just say yes to the offer and the trade talks just ended there.

According to ABC News, Paul George was even aware of the said trade talks and said that he would have looked forward to it if the Golden State Warriors accepted the deal offered by the Indiana Pacers. If that happened, George could have a chance to compete for a championship and stay in a good situation.

But even if the trade deal with the Warriors did not happen, he was still happy and contented since he considered teaming up with a special talent for something fun. Moreover, he will still have that chance to compete against what the NBA teams consider now as the super team.

Apart from this, Paul George even shared and joked that he did not think a trade to the Golden State Warriors will work in the NBA. With his, he even recalled the infamous and controversial 2011 deal which was then vetoed by David Stern who was the NBA commissioner that time. He then compared the Warriors trade to that deal.

Instead of the deal with the Golden State Warriors, the Indiana Pacers sent Paul George to Oklahoma City Thunders in exchange for Domantas Sabonis and Victor Oladipo last June. As he is now with the Thunders, George will play with Russell Westbrook.

Moreover, as the Warriors won the NBA championship last season, Paul George also shared how the team changed the game in the league. He said that teamwork is necessary as one player, no matter how outstanding he is cannot do it alone. Every player needs help in the league and that's what made the NBA.