Richard Jefferson has talked about NBA title on his podcast recently and he revealed that according to his contract he still has to play a season. So, Jefferson announced that he will not be retiring and he will be back to Cleveland Cavaliers to play his 17th season like a pro.

Richard Jefferson is not in a mood of giving any retirement news this summer. According to reports from Cleveland19, after the victory of Cavaliers that won them the NBA title in 2016, Richard Jefferson made it clear that he will not be playing anymore.

However, the 37-year-old has changed his mind and he will be fighting for the win again. In his podcast titled, "Road Trippin" Jefferson broadcasted that he will be back soon with Cleveland Cavaliers in the next season to play as a pro.

According to reports from ESPN, Jefferson was one of the strongest players on the team and he did a good job while defending the Durant which resulted in the only win in the game series. David Griffin, the General Manager is no longer with his team and the office is being guided by Koby Altman, Assistant General Manager, and Mike Gansey.

Notably, this return of Jefferson will mark his 17th season and he has clearly stated that he is not retiring. The entire podcast was hosted by LeBron James "Uninterrupted" multimedia platform.

It must be mentioned that though Jefferson thought about leaving the game, it later came to light later that he has a single guaranteed season still left, according to his contract, which is worth $2.5 million. He has played 79 games for Cleveland Cavaliers till now in which he managed to score 5.7 points with 2.6 rebounds. In the game, he has mostly been backing up LeBron James. The report further states that he proved himself to be a very productive player who gave the Cleveland Cavaliers, the much-needed lift during the NBA Finals.