The LA Clippers reportedly signed a two-year, $12.3 million deal with Milos Teodosic, a popular Serbian guard. But it looks like this just gave Patrick Beverley a problem since he will be forced to pick a new alias for him.

When the Clippers signed a deal with Milos, this created a complication for Beverley who came from the Houston Rockets and was signed into Clippers just this summer. The reason for the problem and the complication was not because of their performance and standing in the league or since they were former teammates in Greece. The reason that was pointed out was that the two players have the same name and one of them needs to change alias.

Beverley check-in name for each road game was "one of the best European Basketball players ever". According to ESPN, this check-in name was used even way back 2010. As the two are reportedly sharing a road hotel and backcourt during the 2017-2018 road games, Beverley has no choice but to choose a new alias for him.

Some reports suggested that Beverley can have few options like using the name of his another teammate, Sofoklis Schortsanitis during the 2009 and 2010 Olympics. But the decision depends on Beverley as he is also looking forward to playing with his former Greece teammate Milos Teodosic.

Meanwhile, apart from its newly acquire players, Teodosic and Beverley, reports were also rife that the LA Clippers is now interested in getting veteran guard Tony Allen. According to some reports, the Clippers are discussing with the Memphis Grizzlies regarding the possible sign-and-trade deal for Allen.

It was reported that Tony Allen's performance during the last season was not that consistent. He is already entering its 14th year in the NBA league but he just averaged 9.1 points per game with his inconsistent shooting. Despite this shortcoming, Allen most prominent contribution was on the defensive end where he usually matches up against another teams' top scorer.

Previously, the LA Clippers just released Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets while it added Lou Williams and Patrick Beverley in exchange for Paul. Some sports analyst suggested that the team can add another player with a great performance so it can go a long way in the next season.