Cristiano Ronaldo just proved that he is still the greatest goal scorer of all time as his hat-trick helped Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid in a 3-0 score. With this, his team killed of Atletico's Madrid hopes in the Champions League for the first leg of the semifinals.

As claimed by some reports, Cristiano Ronaldo did not give any chance to Atletico Madrid as he played with his hat trick. It was also reported that his last goal served as the lethal puncture because it gave them the best opportunity to win leaving no chance of survival for the opposing team.

With the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo, New York Times reported that his team has scored at least one goal in each match in the course of the campaign. But for Atletico Madrid, they need to have five goals in the second leg to be held on Wednesday. If they can do this, they will have a chance to advance and beat Real Madrid which is considered as the European champions.

That will be possible but Atletico Madrid is a different team now since they do not have Lionel Messi or even Neymar to beat Real Madrid. The team needs to employ effective strategies more so that they have to face one of their biggest threats in the name of Cristiano Ronaldo.

With all his accomplishments, Cristiano Ronaldo can be considered as the greatest goal scorer of all time while Lionel Messi can have the title of greatest player of all time. The more this Portuguese player ages, the more he becomes competitive in his plays. It can be said that even if he ages, the more he improves in his goals.

According to Mirror, the game last Tuesday only proves that Cristiano Ronaldo is still the greatest goal scorers of all time. Reports even escalated that he is now tied with Lionel Messi since he now holds seven Champions League. Though he is best in his own game strategies, Messi can also be considered as a special beast.

Moreover, as of the moment, Cristiano Ronaldo is the first player to record three Champions League using his hat tricks in the crucial rounds of his every game. This also means that when his team is falling behind its opponent, Ronaldo is turning up to save the team.