Hello Games had been expanding the “No Man’s Sky” game franchise. Yet, in the live “Path Finder” update, Hello had exceeded the people’s expectations. Below is a brief description of what is featured and introduced in the update.

According to Game Spot, as “No Man’s Sky” had been updated to Version 1.2, new features had been introduced. This time other players are now allowed to visit outposts and leave messages. Each player’s base could also now be shared through Steam Workshop. Rating and finding other bases were also said to be accessed through the Workshop as well.

“No Man’s Sky” ships are reported to be organized now into fighter, shuttle, hauler, and explorer categories with each having ranks from A to S on the Path Finder update. "Shuttles are all-rounders, Fighters specialize in combat, Haulers have expanded cargo holds, and Science vessels feature increased warp capabilities" as described. Owning multiple of these ships was also mentioned.

Furthermore, “No Man’s Sky” update was also reported to introduce three new vehicles known as “exocrafts.” The vehicles were then introduced as the Nomad, Roamer and Colossus. Players were now also said to make their own races and own course in which they could challenge other players.

“No Man’s Sky” Path Finder’s Permadeath Mode is said by Hello to result in an absolute death consequence. Meanwhile, a Survival mode lets a player restart on the nearest planet's surface, away from your crashed ship.

With that said, another new feature had “No Man’s Sky” gamers rampant. As the game had integrated a Photo Mode since the Foundation Update, a new and upgraded Photo Mode is introduced in the Path Finder patch per Mashable.

“No Man’s Sky” Path Finder Update’s Photo Mode is now set to allow players to pan their camera to get their desired view. Tweaking with the time of the day, cloud layers, fog density were allowed now. Choosing over a variety of filters was also said to be added in the Photo Mode update.

Nonetheless, “No Man’s Sky” version 1.3 update was also hinted as well when Hello noted that this is not the end as reports mentioned. The update is now live and has 4K resolution on PS4 Support and could be played on PC as well.