The current installment of Rockstar's Grand theft auto franchise, GTA 5, is all set to receive a new update. The game that has a download size of 65GB was released three years back and in 2014 for PC players. Since its inception, fans have seen a lot of content being added to the game.

Among the recent updates, supercar and superbike races were introduced last quarter with tron-style races becoming the latest addition. However, the current update requires users to steal expensive and luxury cars part of the DLC.

According to familiar sources, Rockstar for the moment wants things to be as confidential as possible. The update which is part of the current year will see its release sometime in December.

As of now, it's called Import/Export missions. Where as aforementioned, the crew will have to steal exotic cars which will have new additions in automobiles and criminal activities.

The reports reveal that the new mission additions to criminal activities will result in boosting your respective organizations to make profits. CEOs will also be able to showcase all the cars that'll be stolen as you progress in the game with a maximum vehicle limit restricted to sixty.

The upcoming DLC is a part of further Adventures in Felony and Finances DLC with a new touch off criminal pursuits taking it to a whole new level.  There will be a custom autoshop to mod all your stolen vehicles that are serviced exclusively in the custom autoshops.

"It will take talent, coordination, and the tactical use of some brand-new special vehicles to get the job done, all while staying one step ahead of the police and rival challengers from across the city and countryside," Rockstar said.

Rockstar Games, at this moment, haven't revealed anything else regarding the details of the GTA 5 Online DLC. However, looking at all those images on their website, players are certainly in for some crazy and funny gameplay.