Swagbucks has always been providing SBs through various methods like Surveys, Daily Polls, Online Games and many more. Apart from these methods there is also an option to get extra rewards in your Swagbucks account.

It is also a most common and approachable way to receive those extra rewards for any of its users. The time spent to get these rewards is almost equal to nothing. If you do not feel like taking up a survey or playing a game then there is always Social Media to get those rewards and make up for the loss.

One of the best places to find special promotions is the Swagbucks blog, the blog is always updated with news and offers and it is the best place to find special promo codes. The company is also famous to pick up random followers and provide them with free SBs every now and then as per Mrs. January.

There are exclusive opportunities available on "The Swag Guy" or "The Swag Girl" blog. Users get lucky often by reading their blog.

To get even more access and grab those rewards follow Swagbucks on Twitter as they provide periodic SB codes according to the Frugal Girls.

Make sure to like their page on Facebook as well, since they post special codes and offers, this process is less time consuming and it will hardly take a few minutes to check their page each time you visit Facebook. Swagbucks users who have liked their Facebook page have got extra rewards over a period of time.

They also offer coupons by helping its users to save money at the store and together with the coupons you get extra rewards on your account. Following them on Instagram will also provide a chance to get some periodic SB codes.

This procedure is not that difficult after all because users normally use Social Media every day and spending a few minutes on the Swagbucks pages will definitely gain those extra rewards.