Swagbucks is one website that gives its users many benefits, right from earning gift cards to redeeming cash through PayPal the options are unlimited. Earning those Swagbucks are not that difficult as it seems, here are 10 ways to earn Swagbucks points faster.

1) Searching the Web: The most easiest and fastest way to earn those Swagbucks are by searching the web, all you need to do is use the Swagbucks search engine for everything you surf and automatically your SBs will add to your account

2) Answer Polls: Answering Polls has never been a difficult task when it comes to doing it on Swagbucks, there is always a new poll on the website every day.

3) Referrals: Swagbucks will give its users 10% of their SB earnings as per Mrs. January. This method is fast and you just need to get your referral to sign up through your link.

4) Swagbucks Tool Bar: This option not only makes it faster to earn points but it also provides one bonus Swagbuck everyday just for using the toolbar as per the Penny Hoarder.

5) Follow Swagbucks on Twitter: Following Swagbucks on Twitter will help to get special offers and codes

6) Facebook: Just like Twitter Swagbucks posts codes and offers to its users, an easy way would be to like the Swagbucks page

7) Take Surveys: Taking surveys everyday will help earn SBs faster, the surveys on the websites are quick and easy and everyday there is a new one

8) Play Games: Playing games will help to get up to 2000 SBs or more and you get 1 to 5 SBs for just playing a game

9)  Videos: Watching videos helps users fill the Swagbucks meter and once the meter is full you get SBs

10)  Perform Tasks: Performing small tasks from time to time is also a fast option, tasks on the website are not time consuming as they could finish really fast.

These tasks are usually done by people every day all you need to do is just link it with Swagbucks and get those rewards faster. The 10 methods are sure to increase and earn Swagbucks faster.