NBA trade rumors are still headlining the news today even if the regular season just got started. Teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers are regulars in these rumor mills. The three teams are being linked again this time around and reports are saying that a rumored deal is being discussed that involves DeMarcus Cousins and Kevin Love.

Earlier reports have linked both Cousins and Love in a rumored deal. The report is suggesting that a direct swap between Cousins and Love would be beneficial for the Cavs and Kings. The Cavs would give Boogie a chance to play in a contender team and probably win a ring while the Kings will have a veteran superstar in Love that could bring them to a higher level and have a decent showing.

However, up until now, the deal is not progressing and seems to be just fading away. But a new rumor deal is being suggested and the hot topic on the internet right now. This time around the Lakers is also being pull in the picture as a third party.

According to NBA Trade Rumors machine, a proposed deal is being suggested to the Los Angeles Lakers, Sacramento Kings and Cleveland Cavaliers that involves six players and two future draft picks. Trade scenario is suggesting as follows:

1. The Cleveland Cavaliers will get Jose Calderon, Lou Williams and Julius Randle from the Lakers;

2. The Sacramento Kings will acquire Kevin Love from the Cavs;

3. Finally, the Los Angeles Lakers will obtain DeMarcus Cousins with a second-round draft pick from the Kings and Mo Williams contract together with a first-round draft pick from the Cavs

And as per checking the deal works under the NBA trade rules and salary cap policy verified on the ESPN NBA Trade Machine making it a legal trade deal in the eyes of the league officials. This wild trade deal seems to be in turmoil but looking it closely will give all teams an even exchange.

The Cavs will get a backup for Kyrie Irving, a former NBA Sixth Man awardee that could definitely come off the bench to provide the needed support and a young and talented forward that have a potential to become a superstar that could be a perfect replacement for Love.

As for the Kings, they still get what the first deal is being offered, a proven veteran who will bring his experience and be the focal point of their offense. They can also benefit from Love's recent uprising putting remarkable figures of 20.4 points, 10.3 rebounds and 1.4 assists per game after 10 games.

Meanwhile, the Lakers will acquire one of the best centers in the league today. Though they will lose Calderon, Williams, and Randle, they still got D'Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Nick Young and rookie Brandon Ingram to hold the fort in the backcourt. The future draft could be a blessing in disguise for them also.

Will th is NBA blockbuster trade deal rumors between the Los Angeles Lakers, Sacramento Kings, and Cleveland Cavaliers push through?