For the past five years, the name of DeMarcus Cousins has been involved with a lot of trade rumors. But until now, he is still playing for the Sacramento Kings.

This season, he averages 26.6 points, 9.3 rebounds, 3.2 assists, 1.1 steals and 1.0 block. And in his last game against the San Antonio Spurs, he was dominant once again as he tallied 26 points, 17 rebounds and 6 assists. But despite having a great game, they lost to a better team.

That's always what happened for Cousins. He is clearly the best center in the NBA right now. But as gifted as a player he is, his team's failure affected him to get to the next level. In his 6 seasons with the Kings, the Kings were unable to reach the playoffs.

The Kings have a win-loss record of 4-8 for 11th place in the West, per ESPN. Considering how competitive the Western Conference is right now, it looks like the Kings are not going to make the playoffs once again.

NBA great players in history are rich in playoff experiences. For Cousins to be considered one of the greatest players in his generation, he needs to at least carry his team to playoffs. In Sacramento Kings, it is uncertain if it will reach the playoffs anytime soon. Is it time for Cousins to play for a different team to contend for the NBA Championship?

He has been involved in a lot of trade rumors anyway. According to Sporting News, there is a high possibility that Cousins will play elsewhere before the NBA trade deadline on February next year. And trading him to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Kevin Love might be possible.

The Cavaliers and the Warriors are the greatest rivals in the NBA today. They met in the NBA Finals for two years in a row now. And they are an overwhelming favorite to battle for the Larry O'Brien Championship trophy once again this season.

The Warriors already upgraded their roster with the addition of NBA superstar Kevin Durant to form the NBA superteam. With this in mind, the Cavaliers might as well upgrade their lineup by adding Cousins.

The Warriors are the favorite to win it all this year. But with Cousins on the Cavs lineup, there will now be a debate who's going to be NBA champs.

This might also benefit Cousins. He never experienced being in a championship contender team. If he will play for the Cavs, his talent will be more recognize and he will become a better player. Playing alongside LeBron James will help him a lot to maximize his potential.

Will Cousins be traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers? Stay tuned for more NBA trade rumors and updates.