BMW unveiled a new app that will allow its drivers to monitor their cars' vital functions by pairing it with a Samsung smartwatch.

At the Consumer Electronics Show on Monday, the German automaker of luxury cars launched an application for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch that can be linked with its electric car i3.

BMW finally joins the competition after one of its competitor, Nissan, pioneered automobile modernism by launching its Nismo Watch at the Frankfurt Auto Show last year.

The Nismo Watch is a performance-oriented smartwatch that allows drivers monitor their heart rates, know upcoming bad weathers and access statistics of their vehicle like the speedometer.

BMW has collaborated with Samsung to create the iRemote App.

USA Today described how the iRemote app works. It lets drivers receive driving directions to their cars and see the level of their car batteries as well. They can also check vital vehicle' functions just by tapping on the smartwatch's touch display. Furthermore, drivers can check for open windows and regulate the air conditioning system.

However, even though the innovation is worth noting, it is unlikely to happen that people will cram on buying a BMW i3 and a Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch just to experience checking for open windows and adjusting AC systems from their wrists. It just proves that modern day innovations make man-to-machine integration clearly possible.

Hyundai also announced at CES 2014 that it is working to pair Google Glass, Wall Street Journal reports. With this collaboration, drivers can start up their 2015 Genesis sedans, plan routes, and even unlock doors. Furthermore, if their wheels need repairs, tune-ups, body alignment and other services, drivers wearing Google Glass will receive a notification on the device. They can even schedule a trip to the mechanic through the use of the wearable device.

Meanwhile, CNET reported that Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz, another maker of luxury automobiles, also launched a similar partnership as BMW's, with Pebble smartwatch. Car owners can locate the parking of their vehicles and check how much gasoline is left. It also warns drivers of road traffic or hazards through a vibration.