Nokia phones are about to resurface in the market and in the hands of the millennials. This after General Manager of Microsoft posts a Nokia phone with an embedded bullet through it.

According to Indian Express, a Twitter user named Peter Skillman posted a photo of how a Nokia phone saved a man's life by stopping a bullet.

The said post went viral and a lot of netizens backed up the tweet as they reply their own experience and feedback (matched with memes) with the phone's heavy-duty quality.

Peter Skillman happens to be a general manager of Core UX for Windows desktop, phone, and tablets.

However, no further information on the person's identity whose life was saved and the details about the breathtaking incident has been stated yet.

With that being said, few leaks suggest that Nokia will soon resurface in the market. PC Mag reported that Nokia is preparing to launch its own line of Android smartphones. The upcoming smartphone is dubbed as D1C.

The new flagship model is said to run on Android 7.0 Nougat, 656 single-core performance, and a 3120 multi-score performance which indicates a mid-range category smartphone.

In line with this, Gadgets 360 has learned that Nokia Lumia 520 saved a Brazilian police officer's life from a bullet fired at him. The handset, however, was destroyed in the process.

Lumia 520 and Nokia 301 were dubbed as the "bulletproof" phone after the said incidents.

Microsoft Corporation bought Nokia this 2016 which ravaged the telecom industry completely and globally. The tech company then announced in May that they assure that they will continue to sell Nokia's entry-level feature phone assets.