The UFO hunters seem to be teeming in the world, perhaps almost as much as aliens are - if at all. But there are skeptics who are rife too. The latest debate gives an answer to the enigma behind a "mysterious" blue light spotted on NASA's Live Space Station video on September 30.

Ian O'Neill from Discovery News claims to have found out. At first, he describes the number of UFOs that are being "found" everywhere: "Shaky hand-held videos of "lights in the sky", armchair conspiracy theorists seeing odd shapes in archived Apollo photos, horribly pixelated Youtube videos edited from zoomed in portions of other Youtube videos..." they are all touted by Ufologists to be "evidence" that we are not alone in the universe, he says.

He agrees that such clues of extra-terrestrial life are often provided by those who put up videos of strange sightings on Youtube. For instance, Streetcap1, a well-known ufologist, examines space videos and photos to locate strange artifacts.

Streetcap1 recently charged NASA of having "cut off the feed" when it located a UFO that was falling towards the Earth.

However, O'Neill gives a counterpoint for that too. He says that looking at some archival footage from the ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment makes it clear that after every 90 minutes at dusk, the space station camera would be able to detect Venus, a bright dot falling in the horizon. 

Ian O'Neill was immensely entertained by the videos that have been put up by the Ufologists. He finds it amusing, if not amazing, that UFO seekers charged NASA of having "cut the feed", as the "International Space Station passed out of range of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellites (TDRS) that are used to relay the HD video to Earth. The live feed drops signal all the time throughout its orbit, but the fact that the feed just happened to drop as the UFO (Venus) made its descent was enough for some to think 'conspiracy!'"

In another video that was put up on Sept. 30, you can locate a bright dot that was not even Venus. It was, in fact, something that had been inside the space station! During sunrise, the so-called "UFO" seemed to be "just a piece of fluff on the camera's housing."

As soon as the fluff was noticed, the feed got cut off, which immediately made the press pounce on it, quickly digging up "conspiracy" and "aliens," while actually, it was just some dust on the camera, 

Hence, it is clear that if objects in the sky are indeed "unidentified", "flying" and "objects", they may indeed by unidentified flying objects, but not necessarily alien beings. 

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YouTube/Streetcap 1