UFO enthusiasts spot a blue light on NASA's live stream from the International Space Station, but accuse the space agency of having cut the live feed quickly. They claim that NASA was reluctant to let people watch the UFO when it appeared.

The phenomenon was spotted by UFO hunters watching Nasa's live stream from the International Space Station on September 30. The strange blue light hovering over the earth was quickly circulated amongst UFO enthusiasts as the latest indication of extra-terrestrial life.

Although critics dismiss the light as only a "solar flare," well-known ufologist, Streetcap1, who posted it, and whose videos in YouTube have lured 40,000 subscribers, is firm about his idea. A solid flying object that can reflect sunlight shows that it is in close flight to the ISS in low earth orbit, he says.

He explains his idea: "Unidentified Object is brighter on the left side due to the light from the Sun, so not lens flare."

He charges that "NASA cut the camera feed so quickly even though this was very distant, but I still managed to get a couple of frames to enlarge."

He is appreciated by his colleague and conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters SecureTeam 10 and Scott Waring. The UFO Sightings Daily blogger wrote:  "This blue-glowing UFO was seen near the space station yesterday by Streetcap1 of YouTube. It appears far away, but it is not. It is actually very close to the space station, but higher up so it appears distant."

On August 1, NASA had announced that it was phasing out its live stream: "NASA Television's Space Station Live program will be phased out in August and discontinued Sept. 1," the official declaration said. 

That announcement created an uproar. As the live stream is the main source for scouring and taking "incontrovertible UFO evidence," UFO enthusiasts are slamming NASA for 'deliberately' shutting down the live stream in order to save itself the bother of having to quickly blank out when a UFO is spotted. 

A similar announcement had been made by NASA in 2014 and likewise, it had been accused of hiding the truth from people.