When MacBook Pro 2016 hits the market, it will claim the title of being the thinnest and the lightest laptop in the market, from MacBook Air. The newest iteration of MacBook will not only be thinner than Air but will also sport better display and higher resolution panel.

With that report, many started speculating that MacBook Air will be discontinued from the market. But repots say that revamped MacBook Pro 2016 and its update will not mean that Apple will axe its thinnest, lightest Air variant. MacBook Air is fine laptop that remains great, even though it may not receive any more upgrades. So, for the fans that are waiting for MacBook Air 2016, latest news says that there will be no upgraded MacBook Air in 2016.

But that didn't stop Apple fans to learn more about the Pro version. According to reports, the new MacBook Pro 2016 will come equipped with "never-before-seen-feature." Previous reports say that MacBook Pro would have Touch ID, NFC chip and wireless charging. Apart from these exciting features, the upcoming laptop will also have the latest Intel SkyLake Processor under the hood. There will also be a new operating system, MacOS Sierra that will be introduced with MacBook Pro.

This ultra-thin, highly portable laptop will be the cheapest there is in the MacBook lineup. The fans can expect to see MacBook pro 2016 making a big launch in fall 2016.