Nick Jonas is a man who loves all kinds of shapes - especially pentagons and octagons!

In a new sneak peek video posted today for the May 21 episode of HBO’s “Sesame Street,” Jonas sings a ditty called “Check That Shape” along with friends Cookie Monster, Bert and the Count.

The R&B-style song features Jonas’ sexy and smooth vocals crooning his love of shapes and how to know what kind of shape something is by counting its sides.

“It’s a shape that is so fine,” he sings about an orange five-sided puppet. “That shape drives me out of my mind.”

About the red eight-sided puppet, which appears to be female, Jonas sings: “Man, that shape is amazing / How it flows and how the shape glides.”

Watch the colorful video for “Check That Shape” below!

This is the first year that the long-running children’s television show has aired on a network other than PBS since it debuted in 1969 and, as you can see, it’s getting a bit edgier.

Catch the former JoBro on the new “Sesame Street” episode titled “Hooper’s Lockdown,” airing this Saturday at 9 a.m. ET on HBO.

Meanwhile, Jonas’ third solo effort, “Last Year Was Complicated,” is slated to come out June 10. The album features singles “Close,” “Champagne Problems” and “Chainsaw.” “It’s important to get vulnerable,” the 23-year-old recently said about the songs on his new record. “Right now, at this moment, Beyoncé and Drake and all these artists are really embracing vulnerability; it makes a huge difference. I’m working my hardest to lay out my stories and my music and connect with my fans - and my own self - in that way.”

Jonas will be joining good pal Demi Lovato on a U.S. tour this summer. The two appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” earlier this week to promote the jaunt by playing “Carpool Karaoke” with the host.