With space exploration becoming more streamlined and practical, NASA might be planning on exploring the moon once more. However, it seems like Russia's space program is a couple of steps ahead, as the country's Federal Space Agency, Roscosmos, has stated that it is planning to build a fully manned base on the moon, according to TASS, Russia's official news agency.

The plan to build a fully functioning moon base entails the construction of several modules on the surface of the moon, which would require a number of launches utilizing the Angara A5V rocket, which is designed to carry heavy loads to space. 

In fact, the first components of the mission are already being built, such as the Luna 25 lander.

The initial stages of the project are set to begin in 2024 by sending out a lunar probe that is designed to scout possible locations. Once a location is set, the building of the modules would be commenced, which would take 10 years, reports Yahoo! News UK.

The preliminary plan of the project expects it to be completed by 2029. By 2030, Russia expects to be fully capable of landing a man on the moon.

What is unique about the project, however, is the fact that Russia is aiming for a permanent base on the moon's surface, with Moscow stating that it envisages the base being permanent.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin gave clues about the project last year, stating that "We are coming to the moon forever."

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