Tom Cruise has been everywhere over the past couple of weeks promoting his new film, "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation." During his whirlwind publicity tour, his team did not allow journalists to ask questions about Scientology or the actor's romantic life.

Cruise's camp enforced a strict "no personal questions" caveat for access to the star, an insider told TheWrap. The ban included any mention of HBO's explosive Scientology documentary "Going Clear," as well as tabloid reports that Cruise was dating his assistant. The news of the banned questions comes after Cruise's appearance on Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" where the host appeared to be holding back on his usual questioning style, reported Cinema Blend.

A different insider who worked closely with the actor in 2006 on press and appearances told The Wrap that Cruise has become increasingly silent about Scientology over the past decade. Cruise used to be very open and enthusiastic about his religion, but that has changed. "Around the third 'Mission: Impossible' there were journalists who took Scientology orientations just so they could speak intelligently with Tom about it," the insider said.

"Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" is an HBO documentary that alleged the religion caused the break up of Cruise and ex-wife Nicole Kidman and wiretapped Kidman's phones.