How do you make surfing even more extreme? Instead of one person riding a board, you have 66 riding the board instead.

On Saturday, surfers in Huntington Beach, Calif., broke a Guinness World Record by having 66 surfers ride on a single board, according to BBC, thus setting the record for the "most people to ride a surfboard at once."

Among those attempting to break the record were surf champions and amateurs, reported Time.

In order to even begin attempting to break the record, a crane was used to lift the board, weighing 1,300 pounds and measuring 42 by11 feet into the water, reported ABC.

The previous record was previously set in Queensland, Australia, around a decade ago, where 47 surfers rode the waves for 10 seconds.

A crowd of 5,000 spectators crowded the sand and the Huntington Beach pier to watch as the group successfully broke the record by riding the waves for 12 seconds with their 66-man team.

Apparently the group also sought to break the world record for the "world's largest surfboard." Unfortunately, according to Guinness World Record adjucator Michael Empiric, who flew in from New York in order to judge the event, it will take a few days to determine if they broke that record as well.