Qatar is reportedly ready and willing to listen to the concerns of the Gulf Arab states most especially on the current issues concerning terrorism and withdrawing of ties. It can be recalled that those states cut their economic and diplomatic ties with the said country lately.

It can be recalled that Qatar made headlines when it was reported that the country has been supporting terrorism and is a threat to global security. Because of this, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and some other states in the Gulf Arab area pulled out their support from the country.

Because of what happened, there was a fear that Qatar might suffer economically as most of the countries already asked their citizens to leave the said country. However, Kuwait and Maldives continued their ties with Qatar. In fact, Kuwait just affirmed Qatar's readiness to listen to the concerns.

According to the latest report from Reuters, Qatar is said to be willing to listen and understand the concerns of their neighbors and brothers to enhance the stability and security of the region. With this, some said that this will be the start of reasonable thinking and wisdom.

Moreover, despite the odds and the conflicts in the Gulf Arab states, the energy minister of Qatar assured that the country is still committed to an oil output cut deal which was agreed by OPEC as well as the non-OPEC producers just the previous month.

It was then reported on Aljazeera that the conflicts which are happening in the said region will not hinder Qatar from doing its global commitment to the production of oil. Once the country will stop its production of oil because of the threat of these neighboring countries, the world will suffer most especially on the economic level.

It can be recalled that Qatar just paid millions to a certain law firm which worked under US Former President George Bush before in order to audit its efforts to stop funding of terrorism. This, as said by mot reports today, is the very core of the issue of the Gulf diplomatic crisis.