Latest reports confirmed that Qatar has been accused of supporting terrorism and destabilizing the region. With this, it was then claimed that the United Arab Emirates, especially Bahrain was trying to isolate the country.

Just this Thursday, the United Arab Emirates confirmed that it supported the moves against Qatar like shutting its airspace. Worse, this might not only affect the Qatari flights but all the air traffic that travels to and from Doha, Qatar.

Because of these latest happenings, experts were saying that this is the worst diplomatic crisis that hit the Gulf Arab states in decades. According to News OK, this all started when it was speculated that Qatar has been supporting acts of terrorism which threatened the whole region.

Most countries in the said region reportedly cut their ties with Qatar namely, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the Maldives. However, the country claimed that the accusations were baseless and were unjustified.

It was reported that it was Bahrain which started to take a move against Qatar and was said to be followed by the other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council. If these countries under this organization stopped its ties with Qatar, still some countries their ties with the country like Oman and Kuwait.

The said strained relationship between Qatar and the mentioned countries started with Bahrain. It was then claimed by Eyewitness News that Qatar had hostile activities and any way to support or to show sympathy to the Qatari government will be considered a crime.

Because of these negative outcomes, there is a possibility that Qatar's economy will suffer like fuel and trade. Since some countries already said that they will isolate Qatar from all their activities and ties, there is a tendency that country's economic state will have its greatest blow.

Moreover, it was also reported that Qatari citizens were asked to leave Bahrain, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. In opposite, these countries also banned their people from entering the said country. But the United Nations recently said that this needs to be resolved immediately in a diplomatic way.