The United States through President Donald Trump administration is expected to extend and expand its laptop ban to all international flights including Europe. Moreover, apart from the expansion of the said ban, authorities will also conduct a tighter screening of carry-ons in airports.

As part of the possible security threats that the U.S. might encounter, the country will ban laptops from cabins on all flights going in and out of the country. This was confirmed by the country's Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly following series of terrorists' threats across the globe.

It can be recalled that the U.S. government already implemented a ban on large electronic devices in aircraft cabins most especially if these are U.S. carriers. With the latest report from The Guardian, the Trump administration is planning to raise the bar when it comes to the security in airlines and particularly if the airline carrier is full of Americans.

Reports also claimed before that the United Sates already imposed a restriction on laptops and other big digital devices on flights from 10 airports. These airports included Qatar, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirate which are predominantly countries in the Middle East.

Though the timing of the said laptop ban has not been revealed, the U.S. government claimed that this is part of a larger and tighter airline security effort to fight terrorism and other forms of threat. What is for sure at the moment is that the standard for the security and the laptop ban will be raised.

However, even if this laptop ban can contribute substantially in preventing threats and terrorism, still CNN reported that some airline companies fear that this will affect their customer demands. But they made it clear that security is more important than profits since when something happens in the flight, this can likewise affect customers' demands.

With the latest report on the extension and expansion of the laptop ban which will no cover all international flights, most airline companies assured that they will comply. Besides, the Trump administration is looking for ways to counter threats of terrorists.