The ban on laptops in the cabin luggage for commercial laptops is set to be expanded and the new list of countries will include certain European countries. All of these steps are being taken as security measures as techniques have been developed by terrorist to smuggle explosives in laptops and other devices larger than cell phones.

The US Department of Homeland Security is considering the expansion of the list of countries which are prohibited from having laptops or other electronic devices in their cabin luggage. And, it is most likely that the list will now have some European countries included. So, non-stop flights from these countries to United States will be barred from carrying laptops on commercial flights, Reuters reported.

It must be mentioned that the officials will most probably be meeting their European counterparts in Brussels on Wednesday to discuss the matter. At present the list of countries on which the ban on laptops has been imposed includes UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar amongst a few more.

According to Business Insider, with the inclusion of European countries, which is being expected to happen soon, 400 nonstop flights mighty be affected, daily. And travel to the US during the summer might be chaotic for both the airline company as well as the passengers as the ban will be implemented very quickly once it is announced. However, it must be added that these security measures are being taken after intelligence reports suggested that techniques to hide explosive devices in laptops or other electronic devices, larger than a cell phone has been developed.

Notably, previous reports on the inclusion of European countries had said that the US Department of Homeland Security is still contemplating an expansion on the ban on laptops, to include European countries. But the recent reports clearly indicate that the expansion is inevitable and it will happen.