With United Arab Emirates severing ties with Qatar, the prospect of a World Cup 2022 in the country seems to be in doubts. This comes after years of hostility and accusations that Qatar funds terrorist organizations and supports them.

Qatar has been isolated after the United Arab Emirates, which includes Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations, cut off diplomatic ties with the country on Monday. This isolation will undoubtedly affect the 2022 World Cup that is to be hosted by Qatar. According to reports from The Guardian, preparations were in full swing as the nation was in the process of building nine stadiums as well as huge infrastructure, involving millions of dollars.

So far the committee that is making the infrastructural facilities have not issued a public statement, stating what the fate of the World Cup 2022 will be. However, sources have revealed that a big challenge is ahead, considering the seriousness of the crisis. Though Fifa has not shared their comments, Reinhard Grindel, the German FA (DFB) president has said, "The football community worldwide should agree that ... major tournaments should not be played in countries that actively support terror."

Reports also reveal that the general people of Qatar are worried about the block and are said to be stocking up on essential items like food grains. More so since most of the food items are imported from outside and the only way to reach Qatar is to take the border roads of Saudi Arabia. Additionally, the sea route, as well as the air route, has also been blocked by the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, sparking further fears amongst the Qataris.

Notably, Qatar is a major US military base and an energy rich nation. The decision to severe diplomatic ties with Qatar comes after the nation was accused of supporting and funding terrorist organizations. Moreover, the nation is also said to be backing Iran.