Some officials of the U.S. government were expressing their concern regarding the possibility of having bombs and explosives disguised as laptops inside the plane. It was also reported that what made this worse was that these explosives can be detonated while on board a plane.

Despite this fear and concern, some authorities think and believe that there is a less possibility that these explosives will be detonated inside the plane. The reason why detonating these bombs can be less risky was due to the fact that the danger of lithium batteries overheating on stored laptops is somehow dangerous too.

Meanwhile, because of the danger that this can bring and the aftermath of this, Reuters reported that the U.S. government just implemented a ban on large electronic devices in aircraft. It can be recalled that this was imposed on flights from almost 10 airports like Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

With this, the U.S. government was also considering to expand the ban on laptops which will also include other large electronics in cabins. However, it was recently reported that this was opposed after the meeting of the European officials the previous week.

Still, the officials of the U.S. government think that these bombs and explosives disguised as laptops can be directly detonated while passengers are on board an aircraft. If this is the case, there is a possibility that the government will do all means to expand laptop ban across the country.

According to METRO US, the U.S government was after national security and the prevention of possible attack of terrorism. The country can be a great target for terrorists after the aftermath of terrorists' attacks in almost every part of the world.

Possibly, the U.S. can start from implementing programs that will not only consider the expansion of laptops ban but also see to it that it will be implemented effectively. The threat of terrorism is just lurking around the corner, that's why a need for a tighter and stringent security laws must also be considered.